Natural and innovative premium quality bioActives for the cosmetics market

GlobalBioActives, with its line GlobalBeautyCare offers a wide range of natural bioActives with applications in cosmetics.

Thanks to its composition, microalgae have among others excellent toning, moisturizing, softening, purifying, draining, antioxidant and nutritional properties. Its effectiveness and cosmetic function varies according to the dose and the extract used.

GlobalBioActives is available to innovative companies in the sector looking for added value and differentiation, to meet their specific requirements, ensuring quality at competitive prices.




Global BeautyCare Mask

GlobalBioActives launches a new line of Flash masks, GlobalBeautyCare Mask based on natural ingredients derived from microalgae.

With a mask revolutionary format, GlobalBeautyCare masks are very easy to apply providing intensive treatment, hydration and luminosity, returning a soft and youthful appearance to the skin.

These masks are presented in an exceptional format, easy to apply and in single-dose allowing you to combine them to provide a combined treatment providing all the nutrients your skin needs.

GlobalBioActives for cosmetic Products

Depurative and Detoxificantes

Stimulate Circulation and promote the elimination of toxins


All treatments based on microalgae have a great moisturizing power in the skin, as they release gelatinous substances that provide a water plus to the dermis.


Microalgae contain carbohydrates, lipids, proteins, minerals and trace elements.


The contribution of minerals increases the elasticity and tone of the skin diminishing its flaccidity.


Help Protect our cells from the damage caused by free radicals


Antibacterial and antiviral Power


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