About us

GlobalBioActives is a family of products based on 100% natural BioActives manufactured by highly qualified specialists in production and processing systems of microalgae, being able to produce a wide range of species that allow to have an extensive product portfolio.

The human team consists of process engineers, biologists, biochemists, chemical engineers and economists with extensive experience in the sector.

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Quality + Adaptability + Sustainability

As specialists in the cultivation of microalgae we provide technical support to our clients to find solutions tailored to their needs (B2B or B2C)


Premium Quality

GlobalBioActives combines its knowledge, technology and farming systems to develop products according to the most demanding standards required for this type of applications.

Our extensive know-how guarantees maximum quality and a product completely free of contaminants.


Adaptability to the market

Modular concept, as a LEGO, that allows to increase the production (in a short time) in the case that demand requires it.

Unlike other microalgae production technologies, the GlobalBioActives technology, thanks to its sophisticated design and control capacity, adapts to any location (from a desert to cold areas) without limits of implementation.



Our activity does not compete with the food industry (there is no need for fresh water or arable land).

No carbon footprint, because the process is capable of capturing CO2.

Recycling and recirculation of used water.

Closed system: no pollution, processes and parameters easier to control.

We Personalize your products